Individually creative with a thirst for musical perfection and knowledge, it was not until the four school friends (Ash, Cavey, Paul and Wookie) came together as Kid Galahad that their creative spark was fully ignited. After some time spent doing the inaugural lap on the live circuit, Kid Galahad were snapped up by independent label, Ignition Records. This meeting of artistic minds resulted in the genesis of their debut album, Gold Dust Noise. This album received critical acclaim by the music press and more importantly the (ever increasing) mass of Kid Galahad fans.

Though the relationship with Ignition is no more, the last 18 months have probably been amongst the busiest for Kid Galahad. One of the biggest projects the band undertook was to put together an original film score for San Franciscan moviemaker, Unsu Lee. This project saw the boys setting up temporary base in San Francisco for a while enabling them to solidify their relationships with the post-production crew and tweaking their soundtrack for the movie. The film ‘Happily Even After' will be touring throughout international film festivals this year.

With a taste for the bigger stage, Kid Galahad moved on to putting in a cameo appearance for a full- length feature film. ‘Hello You' is the first feature production from highly acclaimed director, John Keates, which tells the story of a struggling musician who battles his demons with the help of his rock and roll idols…yes, you've guessed it, Kid Galahad. This was not only an opportunity to be part of a fantastic movie, but also a way of showcasing some new material. Post-production of the movie is set to continue through to 2004 but hopefully the film will begin it's tour of the festivals by Summer 2004.

With the apparent absence of any spare time on their hands it's a wonder that Kid Galahad had time to do anything else. Still, there's no time to rest when the future of seriously good rock and roll music lies in your hands. And so, ever determined and with their talent for making seriously infectious music intact, the boys have spent any spare time they've had cocooned away and are all but ready to deliver their new material to their patiently expectant fans. Their short move to San Francisco, away from the hustle and bustle of uhm, Berkshire, also allowed the boys to add a new dimension and perspective to their music. Final touches continue to be made on their second album as well as plans to take to the road again and reclaim their ‘legendary live performances' title.

As ever, the material on the forthcoming album fluctuates between sheer venom spitting rock to the more subdued morning after, lazy day anthems.

They say it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Well, with more of us living vicariously through the emotions and lyrics of our talented musicians, then surely, there's no better balance in life than the effervescent, spine tingling, awe inspiring, that's-exactly-how-I-feel music of Kid Galahad.